Where Is Jeffrey Dahmer’s Grave?

Where Is Jeffrey Dahmer’s Grave?

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer (born on: May 21, 1960 – died on: November 28, 1994), also commonly proclaimed as “the Milwaukee Cannibal” or at times “the Milwaukee Monster”, was one of the most horrific and blood-curling serial killers in American history. One cannot come to terms with the extremely disturbing killings of innocent victims! He was also a sex offender and abused innumerable people during his stint of serial killing! From the year 1989 to the year 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer committed about seventeen murders of men and boys, as well as dismembered their boys. He was known to eat his victims and preserve their parts of the body or whole, especially the head portion!

His killing spree began in June 1990 and the way he has tortured, raped, and then eventually killed his victims is quite disturbing. One cannot come to terms with this kind of human action. Now, on July 22, 1991, his last victim who was fortunate enough to escape, brought in police and got him arrested. Then began the end of Jeffrey Dahmer! He was arrested on the same day and his trial began.

During the trial, he was pronounced to be procuring borderline personality disorder along with schizotypal personality disorder, and a psychotic disorder. Nevertheless, Dahmer was declared sane by the judge during his trial. At an arranged introductory hearing on 13th January year 1992, the Milwaukee Cannibal pleaded guilty to not just one but 15 counts of murder. Dahmer was guilty of 15 out of 16 murders he did in Wisconsin and was ordered by the judge to fifteen stints of life imprisonment on 17th February, the year 1992.

If one is wondering why wasn’t he aware of the death penalty, his trial took place in the state of Wisconsin, where the death penalty was abolished in 1853. After the sentencing of Dahmer, he was located at the Columbia Correctional Institution. In the initial year of his imprisonment, Jeffrey was allotted solitary confinement given his cannibalistic nature. Now, after a year, with his consent, he was allocated to a much less secure unit, where he was entrusted with a two-hour per day work detail cleansing the washroom blocks.

Where Is Jeffrey Dahmer’s Grave?

Where Is Jeffrey Dahmer’s Grave?

After some time, Jeffrey Dahmer was beaten to his demise by his fellow inmate Christopher Scarver on 28th November, the year 1994, Dahmer’s place of demise was at the Columbia Correctional Institution located in Portage, Wisconsin. He was killed by Scarver as he was constantly putting down other inmates and killing notorious killers was given acknowledgment.

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He was aged 34 when he passed away. He was cremated soon, thereby there is no grave for this horrendous killer. After his death, his parents who were divorced at the time fought for his ashes in court. They both got half of the ashes each. Still, there was a report that his brain was kept aside in preservatives for the scientists to study it per his mother’s request. The state pathologist’s office procured it in order to see if case biological factors contributed to creating this monster of a person. Nevertheless, his father requested both his son’s brain, as well as the body, be cremated to ash as he thought that was what his son would have wanted. The issue was resolved in the end by the court by ruling in the father’s favor. His ashes have been scattered in the location known just to his mother and father.

Now, Jeffry Dahmer’s father, in his subsequent years published a book related to his son “A Father’s Story,”. In this book, Lionel Dahmer put his perspectives where both sets of parents just wanted to raise a nice child, never in their wildest dreams imagined he will turn into the monster he became!

There is also a virtual cemetery site, in honor of the victims of Jeffrey. One of the most unusual things about this story is he didn’t have a bad upbringing like other serial killers but was neglected by his parents. His alcoholism was a key factor. One can watch a horrifying and graphic portrayal of Jeffrey Dahmer’s life, his victims, and how he was convicted on Netflix’s “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story”.

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