Shards Of Her Season 2 Release Date: Who Will Be Seen In The Next Season?

Shards Of Her Season 2 Release Date

A good mystery-thriller is satisfying for every individual who loves that particular genre. Hollywood is famous for creating mystery-thriller movies and web series. Aside from Hollywood, web series and movies of the said genre are emerging slowly from Asian countries. They are slowly getting the recognition that they truly deserve. Not only that, but they are also setting remarkable milestones in the industry with their mind-boggling storylines and impeccable acting. 

If you are in search of such a series, do not worry because Netflix has come to the rescue like always. Shards Of Her is a new Taiwanese mystery-thriller drama that is set to premiere on 28th October 2022. Even before its premiere, the word about the drama has already spread like wildfire all across the world. After Squid Game, Happiness, and others, we know that mystery-thriller dramas coming from Asia can never disappoint us because they have set boundaries of expectations on a high level. 

Shards Of Her Season 2 Release Date

Shards Of Her is a new drama that Netflix decided to drop recently. Season 2 of the drama will depend upon the audience’s reaction and their level of acceptance of the drama. Before Season 2, we will first have to know how Season 1 is going to end. The first season of the drama is going to be the setting stone for a second season. We will have to wait for the ending of the first season before we can predict anything about Season 2. 

Presently, we do not know if the series will have a second run because of the above-stated reason.

Name of the ShowShards Of Her
Season NumberSeason 2
Shards Of Her Season 1 Release Date28 October 2022
Shards Of Her Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Shards Of Her Season 2 Overview

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Shards Of Her Season 2 Story

We do not have any news regarding the story of Season 2 of the drama. 

Nevertheless, we know some bits and parts of the story of Season 1. Directed by Li Cho, and written by Yu-Fang Wen, the first season of the drama revolves around a headhunter who finds herself in a completely new reality after waking up from a long coma. 

The protagonist finds herself in a double-identity situation where she has to face both her present and her traumatic past events. Will the drama show how trauma affects a person? Is the drama going to portray how past events are capable of messing up the present? How will the protagonist get out of her situation? Is she going to commit something terrible? 

We can only frame questions for now because we still do not know what the ending of the drama holds for us. We will have to brace ourselves to face the events that will be brought forward to us by the drama. 

Shards Of Her Season 2 Cast

Shards Of Her Season 2 Release Date

As stated above, we do not have any news regarding Season 2 of the drama. We do not know about the cast of Season 2. 

However, we do have news about the cast of Shards Of Her Season 1. The cast of the first season includes Hsu Wei-Ning, Alyssia Chia, Toby Lee, Wu Kang-ren, Wen Chen-ling, Patty Lee, Chen Yi-Wen, Yu Tzu-yu, Yi Cheng, Ding Ning, Puff Kuo, George Hu, Hsueh Shih-ling and JC Lin. 

The cast comprises Taiwanese actors and actresses, and the directors and writers are from Taiwan as well. 

Shards Of Her Season 2 Trailer

Since there is no announcement regarding Season 2 of the series, we do not have any trailer for the second season of the show. 

But we do have an official trailer for Season 1 of the show. The trailer of the first season gives us an insight into the protagonist’s childhood which encompasses various traumatic events. Those childhood events are seen to overlap with her present where different characters play different roles. 

Some of these characters support the protagonist, while some act as catalysts who recreate the traumas of her past. The drama is going to revolve around blackmail, harassment, and mysteries. 

If you have not watched the trailer for Season 1 yet, you can click the link below to watch it.

Where To Watch Shards of Her Season 2 Online?

If we get Season 2 of the drama, it will probably be released on Netflix, but we are not very sure of that.

You can watch the first season of the drama on Netflix. 

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