I am a Stalker Season 2 Release Date Recent News

I am a Stalker Season 2 Release Date

Heard of the Netflix series “I am a Killer”? Got petrified by it? Well, here is one more similar series which will make your blood run cold! These stalkers who have traumatized their victims give us the whole story in their own version. They graphically and exhaustively tell us how their admiration turned into a full intense obsession with one on one interviews. 

The team of “I am a Killer” brought us this dark, true crime documentary that will scare you so much that it will give you  Heebie-jeebies. Do not mistake these interviews for just some basic question-answer, it is so elaborate it one feels like they are in the victims’ place going through the whole torture. Also, this has to be kept away from kids below the age of 16, given the graphic images. Season one was released recently and crime documentary-loving fans cannot wait for the next season.

I am a Stalker Season 2 Release Date

I am a Stalker Season 2 Release Date

This true crime show released its first season on the popular streaming platform Netflix on October 28, the year 2022. This series released all of its episodes, that is in total eight-episode shows globally at once. But it has not been released in the United Kingdom, as UK  TV channel Crime + Investigation will be broadcasting it similar to “I am a Killer”. People from the United Kingdom can tune into this channel every week on Tuesday at 9 pm and enjoy their weekly dose of true crime thrillers.

Now, the critic reviews are good, thereby fans can expect another season of this nerve-racking series. We will update you all as soon as there is an update from the network. 

Name of the ShowI am a Stalker
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreTrue Crime
I am a Stalker Season 1 Release Date 28 October 2022
I am a Stalker Season 2 Release Date Not Announced Yet
I am a Stalker Season 2 Overview

I am a Stalker Season 2 Story

Coming to the story of this series, the name says it all. It includes both the felons as well as the survivor’s comprehensive interviews which will give you chills! This newly broadcasted tv show is dark, and all settled in to plunge into the life and criminalities of the extremely scandalous stalkers who have been convicted and put behind the bars. These stalkers tell you how their normal and ordinary love turned into a fatal obsession, along with victims tell us what they went through.

Not all of these stalkers are strangers, even the near and dear ones turn into your nightmare. This show has a wide range of cases of stalking right from aggrieved exes and co-workers charmed with their associates, to virtual strangers. The worst part is a few of the convicted stalkers do not feel they were abusive or stalked their victims, Imagine! As for season 2, we will see a similar pattern of interviews if the show gets renewed. The victims need to be applauded for their courage to tell their side of the story which is not easy.

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I am a Stalker Season 2 Cast

I am a Stalker Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of I am a Stalker showcases stalkers such as Daniel Thompson, John Anderson, Ruben Jaramillo, Terry Morrison, Jacyln Feagin, James Corpus, David McGee, and Deketrice Jackson. One cannot comprehend the fact that our loved ones turn our lives upside down. 

One example is John Anderson, who was so abusive that his wife and son had to escape from their home. Or the case of Ruben Jaramillo who was so obsessed with his ex-partner that he wrote at least hundreds of threats and letters stooping so low that he threatened his ex’s parents with a stun gun and handcuffs (a toy one). These stalkers didn’t just remain up to threats and stalking, few even were charged with conspiracy for murder, like the case of James Corpus. Season 2 will comprise such similar scandalous stalkers if it is not canceled.

I am a stalker Season 2 Trailer

As season 2 is not confirmed yet, one can watch season one’s trailer on youtube.  The trailer of season 2 is expected to be as scary as first with one of the stalkers admitting that he wanted to feel the intensity of watching and stalking his victim. 

Where to Watch I am a Stalker Season 2 Online?

Catch up on the whole series on Netflix. For UK folks, catch up weekly episode on the Crime + Investigation channel and enjoy! What petrifies us is that about a million people are stalked yearly in merely the US. Imagine the number globally!

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