A Thousand Fangs Season 2 Release Date: Is The HBO series Returning Anytime Soon?

A Thousand Fangs Season 2 Release Date

Series like Squid Games and Money Heist that were not originally in English have gained a lot of popularity. People have started to watch shows that are not in their original language, all thanks to the boredom we all experienced in the COVID-19 pandemic. Another series that is not in English but has gathered people’s attention is “A Thousand Fangs.” Also called Mil Colmillos, A Thousand Fangs is a Spanish thriller, drama, horror, action and adventure. Series, whose 6 episodes were directed by Jaime Osorio Marquez and the remaining two episodes by Pablo Gonzalez. It was written and created by Guillermo Escalona and Jaime Osorio Marquez collectively. 

The show started off strong but lost steam after each episode. The story and pacing both seem a little off. There are a few episodes where it shows some things that are simply unnecessary. It uses a few shock moments but is still subtle enough. You might need to pause the video and rewind it at some points in more than one episode. There are some fantastic moments of impending dread as well as some fantastic action. The setting and scenery are incredible. It has some of the best actors and acting. However, it is hampered by the characters’ incredibly stupid tactical choices, which grow increasingly annoying. The mystery element always remains. This is one of those excellent television programs that stick in your mind if you enjoy such concepts; otherwise, it might not be your type.

It is excellent as a television product in and of itself. The process of filming in the jungle is difficult, and the length of the episodes can occasionally seem excessive. Although not excellent, the acting and directing are not terrible either. Prosthetics are not good; they all appear to be fake. The VFX and photography are both top-notch. The show’s dark, moody synth/string-based score and cinematography are all masterworks that contribute just as much to the development of your sense of unease as the horrifying, convoluted plot. But the bad part is that, even if you are a native Spanish speaker, you frequently can’t understand what the actors are saying due to poor direct sound, and as for the originality of the idea, well, the title of this review is pretty much says it all: The same old story involves sending a platoon on a mission to kill a drug dealer. And to top it all off, there are cave dwellers. 

The ending left you with a lot of questions, which some people may find enjoyable, but others would have preferred at least some explanation of some things. If you enjoy watching horror films with remote settings, this is a great movie to watch. It is also recommended for those who are very imaginative and creative thinkers. For the people who enjoyed watching this series and left them wanting more, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading if you are interested in season 2 of A Thousand Fangs.

A Thousand Fangs Season 2 Release Date

A Thousand Fangs Season 2 Release Date
A Thousand Fangs Season 2

Season one of A Thousand Fangs consisted of seven episodes and had a runtime of between 44 and 54 minutes. It debuted on HBO Max on December 9, 2021, and it concluded on February 20, 2022. On IMDB, it has an average rating of 6.5, which is respectable for season 2. Although there hasn’t been any official word on the renewal for season 2, there is a rumour that it is already in production and will air soon. 

Everyone is anticipating the return of season 2 as a result of the cast members’ recent uploads of photos showing them with other cast members in attractive settings. These photos are highly likely to be from season 2. 

Season 2 of A Thousand Fangs may therefore return the following year, in 2023, or in the early months of 2024. Though these are just speculations, season 2 may contain the same number of episodes with the same duration as season one.

Name of the ShowA Thousand Fangs
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreMystery, Thriller, Action
A Thousand Fangs Season 1 Release Date28 October 2021
A Thousand Fangs Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
A Thousand Fangs Season 2 Overview

A Thousand Fangs Season 1 Story

A Thousand Fangs Season 2 Release Date
A Thousand Fangs Season 2

In a sea of manufactured zombies and spectral scares, Mil Colmillos, or A Thousand Fangs, stands out as a singular experience. It effectively conveys the mystery and sense of terror that can only be brought on or evoked by being stranded in the middle of a bloodthirsty wilderness. The first two episodes of the show will undoubtedly hook almost everyone who watches them, but after that, there is a definite lull in action sequences until Episode 5, which injects a shot of hormones into the violence and action of the first two episodes. The plot is not at all spoon-fed, which is another factor. 

There are actually two different timelines playing out simultaneously on the screen: the present-day commandos battling the horrors of the bush, and what appears to be an exploration party from the 17th to the 19th century, or perhaps conquistadors, attempting to navigate and escape the tunnel network beneath the jungle that the enemy forces have taken over. Another character who transcends both timelines and unites them by serving as the common enemy of both groups is a demigod/cult leader who appears to be eternal and who uses a certain “sickness” to control people by turning them into hysterical psychopaths (ala 28 Days Later).

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A Thousand Fangs Season 2 Story

A Thousand Fangs Season 2 Release Date
A Thousand Fangs Season 2

Season one had a very open end which left the viewers guessing about a lot of possibilities but none of the theories by the fans has been confirmed by the producers or director. It is quite difficult to predict a very accurate storyline for season 2. Hopefully, it will answer most of the questions that were left unanswered in season one, like the origin of their immortal enemy who is infecting the innocents with a very weird disease. 

A Thousand Fangs Season 2 Cast

A Thousand Fangs Season 2 Release Date
A Thousand Fangs Season 2

Season one had a lot of shocking scenes where we lost a lot of characters to the tragedies that they came across while roaming in the jungle looking for their enemy. We can expect to see all the characters in season 2 that managed to stay alive in the first season. 

The first season had Claudio Cataño in the role of  Rojas; Alejandro Buitrago in the role of Diaz; Jaisson Jeack in the role of  Jackson; Andres Londono in the role of; Andrea Olaya in the role of Pardo; Hector Sánchez in the role of Doc; Jarlin Javier Martinez in the role of Barragán; Carolina Ribón in the role of Flor; Carlos Mariño in the role of Matías.

Other significant characters that may repappear include – Hilda Ruiz; Julieta Valls Fonseca as Sol (Hermana de Rojas); Sebastián Carvajal as Cardenas; Luna Mildre Silva Vega; Jerónimo Barón as Rojas niño; Quique Sanmartín; Ricardo Leguizamo; Sebastián Velázquez; Carrell Lasso as Baracus; Adriano Marquez as Ponce; Leónidas Urbina as Coronel de la base; Pablo Cesar Sanchez as Flaco; Tatu Jokila as Bob; María Gaviria as  Luisa; Pedro Garcia as  Biohazard; James Harling as Biohazard; Cass Cook as  Agente norteamericano; Juan Felipe Castro as Pedro Gonzaga; and Samuel David Gutiérrez as Ayumpum niño.

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Other characters that only apperaed in one episode but have high chances of appearing in season 2 incude –  Hector Sanchez; Lenard Vanderaa as Tomas; Sebastián Velásquez; Pablo Soler; Edu Martín; Fernando Campo; Camilo Jimenez Varon as Julián; Álvaro Benet; Ivan Pinacue; Juan Carlos Messier; Jorge Enrique Abello; Juan Carlos Yela as Teniente; Edgar Prada as Costa; Juan Carlos Ortega as Analista; Juan Carlos Alarcón; Ricardo Henao as Capitan Gracia; Antonio Jimenez as Sargento Marquez; Anderson Otalvaro as Operador de radio; Carlos Clavijo as Soldado infectado; Viviana Sierra as Amparo; María José Latorre as Bebé del enfermero; Carolina Hernandez Arbelaez as Esposa de Trébol.

Cristian Ruiz Valencia as Indígena; Micha Medina as Cortez; Edward Zuñiga as Ramos; Andrés Felipe Cohen as Vásquez; Jorge Enrique Latorre as Padre rector; Tania Acero as Esposa del enfermero; Salvador Bridges as Capitán; Gideon Smoak as Biohazard; Cheng Ling as Hao; Salvarote Cassandro; Vladimir Arboleda as Artillero; Julián Garcia as Mako; Jason Chung as Yun; Santiago Olaya as Doctor de la base; Cristian Sánchez as Indio; Roberto Cavalieri as Biohazard; José María Albán as Copiloto; Johnntan Méndez as Piloto; Amaru Chindoy as Niño; Mauricio Sánchez as Piloto; Juan Fernando Villamarín as Mono; Fabio Bedoya as Oficial de la base; Anatolijs Anikejevs as Biohazard; Alex Dominguez as Hombre orfanato; and Loko Kuerdo as Unipiernista.

Ratings & Reviews

The first season itself has not gained any ratings from the fans, so season 2 might be very unlikely.

A Thousand Fangs Season 2 Trailer

There has been no official announcement regarding the premiere of season 2, which also includes its unreleased trailer. If the earliest that the show comes out is in 2023, its trailer is expected to come out just a few days before its premiere, which is also predicted to be in 2023. To summarise season one, if you are looking to watch its trailer, tune in to the official YouTube channel of HBO.

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Where to Watch A Thousand Fangs Season 2 Online?

Season two will be available to watch on HBO, the same platform where season one is available to stream for a global audience with English subtitles. 

A Thousand Fangs Season 2 Release Date: FAQ’S

1. Is there season 2 for a thousand fangs?

No, there is no season 2 for a thousand fangs.

2. How many episodes of 1000 Fangs are there?

There are total of 7 episodes in season one of a thousand fangs.

3. What language is a thousand fangs?

A thousand fangs is a spanish web series, so the language is spanish.

4. Where can I watch a thousand fangs?

Season one of the show is available on HBO Max to watch.

5. What is the movie A Thousand Fangs about?

A thousand fangs is not a movie but a series.

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